Laser Etched Aluminum

Laser Etched AluminumLaser Etched Aluminum – The best way to put data onto metal. Aluminum tags for HVAC, Mechanical, Power Systems, Electrical, Engineering and much more! Our Aluminum Serialized Data Plates come in varying thicknesses and we can custom-cut it to any shape or size. We create Laser Etched Aluminum Tags and Data Plates that involve Variable Information. Chances are good that they’re getting mounted to equipment and machinery of importance. Our Mil Spec Aluminum Data Plates can be customized to any color or size that you desire. We can mass produce the plates themselves and add specific data as needed.


Laser Etched Aluminum

We can produce custom Anodized Aluminum Tags for your company or organization as YOU need them and WHEN YOU NEED THEM. Laser Etched Aluminum Serialized Tags and Data plates come in many colors. Simply shoot us an email or send us an RFQ, but if you need them REALLY FAST… just give us a phone call. We’ll get it done on time, no problem. We can produce them in our Laser Etched Aluminum Tags with a black background are the most common color combination. We produce Laser Etched Aluminum Custom Data Plates and Tags on a very regular basis, if you’re in a rush – we’ve got you covered!



Laser Etched AluminumEverything that we produce is Mil Spec and approved for Industrial, Medical, Military or Aerospace. Our Anodized Aluminum Tags are rated to last outdoors for 30+ years and can withstand the worst of elements. Do you want holes or adhesive on the back? No Problem, our Laser Etched Aluminum can be customized to fit your spec no matter the size or shape, we can produce it!


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