We were the first Laser Engraver in Richmond, Virgina. RVA Lasers Rule.

We were the first people in Richmond Virginia to get into Laser Engraving.  We started out with an Epilog Summit back in 1997.

I really miss the 90’s sometimes….. (insert sarcastic sigh here). This mamma jamma was packing 40 watts and although it was amazing for it’s time period it was in fact a piece of crap.

I ended up donating it to HackRVA (Richmond, Virginia) several years back and who knows if what they did with it, however there is no doubt in my mind that they were able to use some of the parts to concoct something out of it. This is my first blog post (2014), so I figured I would start off with a little history for the world wide web. is just one  of the many departments inside the mother’s nest known as National Marking. (Originally National Seal Works)

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