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Are you in need of personalized Engraved Switch Plates, maybe in a variety of colors to match individual data on each plate? It’s likely that your boss or client is placing a great deal of stress on this project, and that stress, is stressin’ you. That’s where we come in to alleviate your concerns. You can let go of all your worries; we’ve got this under control. With a proven track record spanning five generations, we are recognized as top-tier innovators in our field.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of every job we undertake. Using one of our powerful lasers, we can swiftly and permanently mark your stainless steel plates. When it comes to high-capacity Engraved Stainless Steel Switch Plates, we are leaders in automated laser marking. You can either drop-ship the switch plates to us or allow us to order them for you, ensuring a seamless process even if they are not in our inventory.

Switched Outlet:
A switched outlet includes a built-in switch that controls the flow of electricity to the outlet. It allows you to turn the connected device on or off using the switch.Engraved Stainless Steel Switch Plates, coupled with our extensive laser collection, is ingrained in our expertise. With over twenty-two years of solid experience, engraving metal switch plates has become second nature to us. The process is straightforward and painless: you provide us with your data, preferably in an Excel document for larger orders, and we take care of the rest.


Whether it’s a small or large order, we can handle it all. You can email us the information for smaller orders, and for larger ones, we keep everything organized like an exceptional waiter. (That’s a joke!) We handle jobs ranging from 5 to 5,000+ switch plates, organizing them based on your specific needs for installation – whether by room, floor, or property.

At Laser Engraving Pros, we utilize high-end processing software to directly import your data into our engraving systems, creating Engraved Stainless Steel Switch Plates with precision. Before proceeding with the entire order, we ensure that a sample switch plate is approved by your client, project manager, or inspector. This step is crucial to address factors such as character height, font, spacing, and placement on each variation.

To initiate the process, you can fill out a sample request form, providing details on the type of cover, any preferred brand, color preferences, and whether you want it paint-filled. We require specific data for the Engraved Stainless Steel Switch Plates, your shipping address, and any additional details necessary. Once we receive the green light, you can leave the rest to us.

Safety Compliance is a top priority for any business, and our properly labeled switches and outlets assist employees and maintenance staff in quickly identifying and locating electrical sources. This is crucial for emergency response, routine maintenance, and compliance with safety regulations.

With LASER ENGRAVING PROS, your workload is in good hands, and you can take credit for choosing us. Our process eliminates errors and prevents the need for reordering replacement plates due to oversights.There are lots of types of plugs these days. Here are the important ones to know of.

Standard Electrical Outlet:
This is the most common type of electrical outlet, also known as a duplex outlet. It has two parallel slots for the insertion of plugs. In the United States, these outlets typically provide 120 volts of alternating current.

GFCI Outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter):
GFCI outlets are designed to protect against electrical shocks. They have test and reset buttons and are often installed in areas where water is present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor locations.

AFCI Outlet (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter):
AFCI outlets are designed to detect and prevent electrical arcs, which can cause fires. They are commonly used in bedrooms and living areas to enhance electrical safety.

USB Outlet:
USB outlets, or USB receptacles, have built-in USB ports alongside the standard electrical outlets. They allow for convenient charging of USB-powered devices without the need for an additional adapter.

Decora Outlet:
This is a modern design of electrical outlet that features a rectangular shape and a large faceplate. Decora outlets are often used for both power and data connections.

Smart Outlet:
Smart outlets can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or voice commands. They may offer features such as scheduling, energy monitoring, and compatibility with home automation systems.

Weather-Resistant Outlet:
These outlets are designed to withstand exposure to the elements and are commonly used in outdoor areas where they may be exposed to rain or other weather conditions.

15-Amp and 20-Amp Outlets:
Outlets are categorized based on their amperage capacity. Standard household outlets are usually 15 amps, while outlets in kitchens and other areas with high power demand may be 20 amps.

Duplex Receptacle:
A duplex receptacle simply refers to an outlet with two slots, allowing for the connection of two plugs. Most standard outlets in homes are duplex receptacles.

Engraved Switch Plates

For versatile payments and seamless experiences, we utilize custom-designed equipment specifically tailored for engraving tasks. From Engraved Stainless Steel Switch Plates to GFI plates, multiple-gang switch plates, single-gang switch plates, and virtually any type of receptacle plate you can imagine, we can produce, paint, pack, and ship with a quick turnaround when you need it.Feel free to reach out with any questions via our quick email form. We are more than willing to address any concerns, especially if it’s your first time working with us. Rest assured, we have the experience, expertise, and readiness to handle whatever you might throw at us. Thank you for considering us for your business.

Engraved Switch Plates

Switch plate engraving is our speciality. If you need Engraved Switch Plates, you finally found your most viable option.

Do you need Engraved Switch Plates?

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Engraved Switch Plates
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