A custom cutting board is just the thing to give your kitchen that final personalized touch you’ve been looking for. With three meals a day to prepare, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not embrace it? You can get a custom cutting board designed to your specifications. With the power of lasers, we can make a custom cutting board designed to fit any kitchen. Maybe you need one that’s larger than normal, or thinner to fit your available counter space. Maybe you’ve got a weird angle and you want a custom cutting board that’ll nestle nicely into that nook. We’ll make it happen! We can cut your custom cutting board to your precise specifications and get you precisely what you need.

custom cutting board

Even if you’re fine with the standard shapes and sizes available, you can still benefit from a custom cutting board. We’re able to laser-etch words, pictures, designs and more into the board! If you’re always running behind on making meals, we can add in a light-hearted “Chop chop!” Or if you’d like to warn your cutting board about what it’ll be used for, you could go for the punny “Knife to meet you.” Or “Voila! Dinner,” so that you see that when you sweep the chopped-up food off of your custom cutting board. The possibilities are endless! We can etch literally anything you can think of into your board.

And if you already have enough cutting boards, not to worry! They also make excellent presents. Especially housewarming gifts! It can be complicated to figure out what to get a friend, but everyone needs a cutting board. And customization shows that you care! Your friends will love the cutting board that you had custom-created just for them. It’s thoughtful, useful and a great conversation piece. Not bad for a humble piece of wood!

A Custom Cutting Board Improves Any Kitchen!

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