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Custom Metal Tags

Custom Metal Tags: There a better way to permanently record important information. There is not. Our laser-etched  Custom Metal Tags will not corrode or fade, no matter how long they’re in use. There are many options for your metal tags, starting with the metal itself. Do you want aluminum, stainless steel or something else? Whatever your choice, we can custom-cut and punch your tag to any shape, size or design you need. All Custom Metal Tags can be laser-etched or laser engraved for greater depth. Screen printing is also an option, if you need specific colors for your tag. Have some expensive equipment or machinery you need to track? Custom Metal Tags are a perfect solution. Does your business require tracking, updated information/parts or service? We can print barcodes, QR codes and other information onto metal tags for you. If you need graphics or logos, we can handle that as well. No matter what you need engraved on the tag, we’ll make it look great.

Custom Laser Engraved Asset Labels

Custom Metal Tags are widely used in aerospace, industrial and military applications worldwide. There’s a reason for this! Custom Metal Tags never wear out. We’re ready to fill orders both large and small. If you only need a dozen tags, we’re ready to help. If you need a thousand, we’re prepared to fill an order of that size as well. We produce all of our Custom Metal Tags in-house promptly and properly. These engraved tags are ideal for machinery that must be monitored or has a warranty that requires a service, or just for marking your personal belongings. Look around you. Do you have something nearby that doesn’t have a tag on it? Can you really be sure that it’s yours? Tag it, and never wonder again. Contact us today to start your order!

Do You Need Custom Metal Tags – Made Just for You?


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