Engraved axes! A classic gift for thousands of years, and for good reason. Engraved axes are long-lasting, good-looking and unique. And if circumstances turn dire, they’re extremely functional, too. The odds are good that you’ll only ever keep your engraved axes on display, and never actually use them—but if the zombies rise up, you’ll be able to grab that axe off of the wall and start chopping heads. You can’t do that with a standard housewarming gift! A cheeseboard is an inefficient zombie-slaying tool. Engraved axes, on the other hand, were designed for just such an emergency.

engraved axes

It used to be that if you wanted engraved axes, you had to painstakingly etch them yourself. It was a time-consuming, lengthy process, and if you made a mistake, you had to throw your axe out and start over. What a terrible way to have to go about getting a fancy axe! Fortunately, technology has improved since the Viking days, and we are now able to make engraved axes using lasers. The weapon of the future meets the weapon of the ages, with fantastic results! We’re able to engrave the most complicated designs you can imagine with absolutely no errors. Your axe will look fantastic, guaranteed! 

Some days, a job is just a job. You print some things, you cut some things, you ship some things. Other days, you get to make engraved axes, and you realize how fantastic your life really is. We love receiving boxes full of blank axes, and sending back out exquisite pieces of art! Dangerous art. Exciting art. The best kind of art. So send us your axes and your designs! We’ll combine those two, permanently etching the blades to make them amazing. Your future zombie-slaying conversation piece awaits! Let’s get started on it today.

Engraved Axes: For the Viking Inside!

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