Custom Metal Tags Engraving

Custom Metal Tags

We produce massive quantities of Aluminum and Stainless Steel tags cut to virtually any shape or size. Custom metal tags have a plethora of uses. Label your equipment, your pumps, gauges, power supplies, rack cases or whatever the job calls for. That’s true versatility. Unlike paper or even plastic tags, you can count on custom metal tags to last for years for decades. Custom metal tags can’t be torn or broken, and it’s next to impossible to chip or erode them, too. We’ve got a variety of methods to transfer your information onto your custom metal tags.  We laser-etch data, graphics and barcodes directly into/onto the surface of your tags in order to provide a permanent mark. We fabricate metal tags to any size, shape or thickness. Circles, squares, rectangles or flowers — we can do it all!

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Custom metal tags are great for properly labeling a piece of equipment, but they’re even better when you’ve got a multitude of similar items. Inventory tracking is a breeze when you’ve got convenient, easy-to-read labels affixed to each item you’re trying to track! No more squinting for serial numbers. Printed custom metal tags display the information you need clearly and indelibly. With as long as they last and as useful as they are, metal tags are the most cost-effective solution available. We can engrave as many tags as you need, from one to ten thousand. Just send us your information via the RFQ form just below this paragraph or call us! We’ll get you set up with more tags than you can handle. We’re about to make your life the easiest it’s ever been!

Laser Engraving Metal Tags. Let Us Laser Engrave You!

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