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Plastic stencils are a fantastic investment. Unlike stickers, which are a one-time use, plastic stencils let you make your mark over and over again. They’re waterproof, tearproof, and they won’t wear down at the edges from repeated contact with brushes or rollers. Not bad for a little piece of plastic! When I say plastic stencils, it’s possible that you’re picturing the cheaply-made sheets of letters that you can pick up at the dollar store. Ours are nothing like that! First of all, we custom-make your plastic stencils for you. You choose the material, you choose the size, and most importantly, you choose the design. We’re happy to make recommendations and work with you on the process, but if you have a custom font or custom art, just send that on over. We’ll have that laser-cut into plastic stencils before you can say “Lasers are amazing!”

If you’re worried about the plastic stencils becoming brittle, let me set your mind at ease. We can cut your stencils out of flexible mylar, making them both durable and flexible. You’ll be able to use the same stencil over and over again! That’s what we call getting a lot of bang for your buck. And while those cheap mass-produced plastic stencils tend to come in only small sizes, we can make you a stencil that’s up to FOUR AND A QUARTER FEET on a side. Think about that! Need something visible from hundreds of feet away? Or maybe you just want a giant eyeball to stencil onto both sides of your car? Either way, that’s the size for you. And we’re happy to make it happen! Contact us for stencils that are durable, reusable, reasonably priced and custom-created for you!

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