Large Custom Cut Stencils are our specialty here at Laser Engraving Pros. We make little ones, big ones, plastic ones – you name it! Large Custom Cut Stencils are ideal if you need to label or mark various surfaces many many times. We can make stencils up to 52″. Talk about a large custom stencil am I right? Personally I’ve never made a stencil bigger than 36″ × 48″, but if you have a need that is bigger – bring it on! Banksy, feel free to stop by if you’re ever in the area.Plastic StencilsThis super awesome crab stencil pictured below was laser-cut out of mylar. It’s 36″ × 48″ feet (at the time that was my maximum, so I needed two pieces) But now I can make stencils that are 52″ x 52″ in one full piece. Large Custom Cut Stencils – We generally make our stencils out of mylar, it’s water proof, tear proof and you can use it over and over again. We make plenty of stencils out of oil-board, cardboard and chipboard as well. The best way to lay down paint over a stencil is to use very thick paint and a roller. The thicker the paint the less likely it is to run under the stencil after you run the roller over it.We can laser-cut letters up to 18″ tall x 32″ wide and can handle very detailed images if needed. Large Custom Cut Stencils can be produced quickly if you need them in a jam – we’re here to produce Large Custom Cut Stencils. Mylar and Polycarbonate stencils are by-far the best materials to use when Laser Cut Custom Stencils are required. They are water proof, hard to tear and can be used over and over again. Basic stencils like this oil-board pictured above will  break down over time and deteriorate. Large Custom Cut Stencils serve an important purpose in all forms of marking and identification.

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